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Americans for Prosperity Applauds Legislature for Promoting Second Chances, Urges Governor Reeves to Sign into Law

Jul 1, 2020 by AFP

JACKSON, MS—Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi (AFP-MS) applauded the state legislature for passing SB 2123, the Mississippi Correctional Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2020, which will grant parole eligibility for certain individuals who do not pose a danger to public safety.  Once law, this legislation will help alleviate overcrowded prisons and reduce the cost to taxpayers. Other states that have implemented similar reforms have seen their crime rate reduced and significant savings to their budgets.

AFP-MS issued a key vote alert urging members of the legislature to support SB 2123.

To View the Key Vote Alert Click Here.

AFP-MS State Director Steven Utroska issued the following statement: 

“This legislative accomplishment presents an opportunity to reform our criminal justice system in Mississippi. Increasing second chances will lower costs on taxpayers and safely reduce overcrowded prisons. We urge Governor Reeves to swiftly sign SB 2123 into law to improve our state’s criminal justice system.”

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