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Americans Face Relentlessly Higher Prices Under Biden

Apr 10, 2024 by AFP

Latest Inflation Report A Glaring Reminder That Bidenomics Is Failing Americans

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity’s Senior Fellow in Fiscal Policy Kurt Couchman made the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation remains elevated for the third month in a row this year with the Consumer Price Index rising at a nearly 5% annualized rate in March:

“Americans are facing relentlessly higher prices under Biden. The more excessive spending the U.S. government pumps into our economy, the worse the situation becomes.

“Today’s inflation report is a glaring reminder that Bidenomics is failing Americans. Inflation shows little signs of easing, and even if it did Americans would still be stuck with the reality that their dollars don’t go as far thanks to Bidenomics. Biden’s latest $7.3 trillion plan to flood the economy with more reckless spending, more taxes, more government intervention, and more of the same failed policies would only hurt families more.

“Americans are telling Joe Biden we’ve had enough of his costly Bidenomics agenda. It’s time for less spending, less taxes, and more freedom for Americans to live their American dream.”

Bidenomics has directly contributed to higher prices for all Americans by adding more than $5.5 trillion in new spending to an already bloated federal budget. In the last four years, reckless spending has driven the national debt past $34 trillion – more than $258,000 of debt per household – and Americans’ purchasing power has declined as families have seen the prices of goods and services rise much faster than their income. Prices are now 19.4% higher, and the average household is paying $11,400 more each year just to maintain the same quality of life as when President Biden took office.

Americans for Prosperity is committed to providing Americans with the truth about Bidenomics and advancing solutions to address Washington’s spending crisis.

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