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AFP Makes Sure Joe Biden Can’t Run Away from Bidenomics

Mar 27, 2024 by AFP

Americans Have Had Enough of Biden’s Failed Policies, No Matter What He Calls Them

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity’s Vice President of Government Affairs Akash Chougule made the following statement today after Axios reported that Joe Biden has only used the term ‘Bidenomics’ once in the last two months:

“If only silence on Bidenomics would actually protect people from Bidenomics. Whether the White House wants to take ownership of Bidenomics, hide from Bidenomics, or rebrand Bidenomics, it won’t change the fact that Americans know Bidenomics isn’t working – it’s costing Americans $11,400 more every year and the Biden Administration and their allies in Congress are responsible. The way to fix Bidenomics is with different policies, not different talking points. We are making sure the Biden Administration can’t run away from Bidenomics – no matter what they choose to call Bidenomics.”

Americans for Prosperity has met with thousands of Americans struggling to afford gas and groceries due to Bidenomics. In early March, AFP launched – the website Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see – as part of a major campaign to define the true impact of Bidenomics and force lawmakers to own their support of it. The campaign will feature grassroots events across the country, digital and mail outreach, door knocking, and phone calls to hold Joe Biden and his allies in Congress accountable.

As the Biden Administration touts Biden’s costly economic blunders, AFP will continue to provide Americans with the truth about the harmful impact of Biden’s economic record. Click HERE for a Bidenomics Deep Dive with Fox News’ Guy Benson, and visit today for real-time resources and fact checks about the truth of Bidenomics.