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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP to Congress: Reject Big Spending Bills, Refocus on Solutions

Sep 10, 2020 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today urged lawmakers to reject any massive relief package, including the “skinny” bill the Senate is expected to vote on today, that’s focused more on misguided spending that would only dig us deeper into debt than on actual solutions that could help Americans emerge from this crisis. For months, Americans for Prosperity has been advocating for lawmakers to enact policies that empower people to improve their lives and spur our economy to recover stronger.

AFP’s Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner issued released the following statement:

“Once again Congress missed the mark. Whether it’s the HEROES Act, the HEALS Act, or a ‘skinny’ version of either, these massive bills are packed with items unrelated to COVID-19, do little to spur real recovery, and will only add to our ballooning debt. The Senate was right to take a more targeted approach, but they continue to focus on the wrong things.

“Americans look to Washington for leadership, but they only get finger pointing and a legislative debate over the price tag of competing bills, as if money alone can get our economy to recover and families back on their feet. It’s time for Congress to put politics aside, listen to their constituents, and focus on actual solutions that can get us out of this crisis and get our economy booming once again.”

AFP’s Road to Recover Stronger:

AFP has released “Recover Stronger: A Starting Point to Build An Economy that Works for All,” a set of principles and recommendations that offer lawmakers a starting point to build a stronger economy as the country recovers from COVID-19.

In April, AFP sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to reject bailing out politicians for irresponsible decisions they made prior to the crisis.

During the summer, AFP ramped up its six-figure “No Bad Deals” campaign, dedicated to mobilizing its grassroots activists against bailouts and other bad deals that could undermine economic recovery. Recent reports have found states haven’t spent the vast majority of COVID-19 assistance funds the federal government has already approved in earlier rounds of spending. Further reporting demonstrates tax revenue in most states is better than expected, and even higher for some forms of taxes nationwide than the same period last year.

This past week, the Congressional Budget office issued a budget outlook that highlighted short and long-term consequences the country faces due to Congress’ reckless spending and rejection of fiscal responsibility.