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AFP-NV Backs Pretrial Reform

Mar 21, 2019 by AFP

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Americans for Prosperity-Nevada (AFP-NV) on Thursday announced support for Assembly Bill 325, legislation that would create a more just and evidence-based pre-trial system for all Nevadans and make our communities safer. AB 325 creates a new structure for pre-trial decisions, basing them on a defendant’s risk, rather than relying on cash bail as a default.

AFP-NV Field Director Wiselet Rouzard:

“Bail reform is urgently needed, as a person’s income should not be used as a proxy for public safety. Currently, defendants are jailed based upon their ability to pay as opposed to whether they’re a flight risk or a danger to their community. As a result, too many low-income people are forced to either remain in a jail cell or contract a debt. Meanwhile, those who are well off can pay their way out, even if they are more dangerous. This is an impractical and unjust way to run a pre-trial system. By focusing on a suspect’s criminal history and behavior instead of how much they can afford to pay, we can help eliminate a two-tiered policy that works for the wealthy and well-connected but denies equal justice to those without means.”

AFP-NV is committed to building broad coalitions to advance more smart reforms to the criminal justice system in 2019.


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