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AFP-Missouri to McCaskill: Stop the Political Games with Judge Kavanaugh

Aug 20, 2018 by AFP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO) criticized Sen. McCaskill Monday in anticipation of tomorrow’s meeting with Judge Kavanaugh. Reports indicate Sen. McCaskill intends to ask Judge Kavanaugh questions about how he would rule on particular issues. AFP-MO has called for Sen. McCaskill’s defeat in part because of her record on judicial confirmations, including her political approach towards confirming Judge Kavanaugh and contends it’s inappropriate to ask a nominee how he would rule on issues. Instead, the focus should be on his judicial philosophy and qualifications. Sen. McCaskill has already voted against qualified judges like Neil Gorsuch and dozens of other appointees.

“Sen. McCaskill’s line of questioning shows she’s more interested in driving her own political agenda than objectively vetting a Supreme Court nominee who a majority of Missourians want on the bench,” said AFP-MO Jeremy Cady. “Sen. McCaskill must know it would be highly inappropriate for Judge Kavanaugh to answer such questions or give any indication about how he might rule on specific issues that may come before the Court. Instead, Sen. McCaskill should be focused on whether the nominee has the proper experience, temperament, and judicial philosophy. With her line of questioning, it’s pretty clear Senator McCaskill is, once again, looking for a Justice who will advance her political agenda, not interpret the law as written. It is one of the many reasons we are urging Missourians to vote against her in the upcoming election.”