AFP-IL: Graduated Income Tax Vote Gives Springfield a Blank Check

May 27, 2019 by AFP

GENEVA, Ill. – Americans for Prosperity-Illinois (AFP-IL) expressed disappointment after the state House approved legislation to scrap Illinois’ flat income tax for a graduated one. The grassroots group has long opposed a graduated income tax and earlier this month had boosted its ongoing “Keep Illinois Flat” campaign with additional direct mail and digital investments.

AFP-IL State Director Andrew Nelms issued the following statement:

“We’re disappointed lawmakers are asking taxpayers for a blank check. This graduated income tax scheme would give Springfield politicians more power to increase taxes on families, small businesses, and job creators. Making matters worse, everyday Illinoisans are being left in the dark about what the tax rates would be. We thank those lawmakers who stood together with beleaguered Illinois taxpayers and voted to ‘Keep Illinois Flat.’ Voting to ask Illinoisans for a blank check and then turning their attention to other tax increases, fee increases, and the creation of a whole host of new taxes should reinforce for taxpayers that Springfield has failed in their responsibility to be good stewards for hardworking Illinoisans.”


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