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AFP: “Good Jobs” Corporate Handout Program Takes Michigan Backwards

Sep 4, 2019 by AFP

Lansing, Mich. – The grassroots group Americans for Prosperity today is urging lawmakers to oppose newly introduced legislation, SB 492, that would revive and expand the corporate handout marketed as the “Good Jobs for Michigan” program. Annie Patnaude, state director for Americans for Prosperity, issued the following statement:

“We urge lawmakers to oppose sweetheart tax deals that help a few politically connected companies at the expense of the many taxpaying businesses and individuals. Corporate tax schemes like the ‘Good Jobs’ for Michigan program are unfair and discourage authentic entrepreneurship and job creation. The ‘Good Jobs’ for Michigan program does not move us ahead – it takes us backwards. 

“As the debate over road funding and a possible gas tax hike heats up, it’s offensive to think that lawmakers would even consider renewing legislation that doesn’t focus on government priorities. Ironically, the hundreds of millions of dollars included in the tax capture scheme created by the ‘Good Jobs’ program is essentially paid for by the businesses that have already created real jobs in Michigan.

“We look forward to educating and activating our grassroots community on the issue of corporate welfare and this scheme in particular.”

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