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AFP-PA Pushes Sen. Casey for Answers on Biden EV Mandate

Apr 10, 2024 by AFP

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Americans for Prosperity today announced the launch of a new digital ad campaign in the Keystone State calling on U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) to block the Biden administration’s efforts to ban gas-powered cars and force most Americans to drive electric vehicles.


President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced a new emissions rule for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles that would require up to two-thirds of new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. to be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2032. U.S. Senators Pete Ricketts (R-NE) and Dan Sullivan (R-AK) have announced Congressional Review Act legislation aimed at blocking this new government mandate, but Senator Casey has thus far stayed silent on the issue. AFP is urging Casey to vote for the legislation.

Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania State Director Ashley Klingensmith issued the following statement after the announcement:

“Senator Casey owes it to Pennsylvanians to tell them where he stands on this ham-fisted mandate. So far he has been nothing more than a rubber stamp for ‘Bidenomics’ and silent on the Administration’s overreach. We want to know: does Senator Casey stand with hard-working Pennsylvanians who either can’t afford or can’t depend on electric vehicles? Or is he just as out-of-touch and arrogant as the President, who is clearly putting the government’s thumb on the scale by telling Americans what cars they can drive and how to heat their homes in winter?” 

The Biden Administration is moving forward with this new government mandate even as new Ipsos polling shows 3 out of 4 Americans oppose government regulations that would ban new gasoline, diesel, and hybrid vehicles. It also comes as GMFord, and Stellantis have laid off thousands of American workers in recent months as a result of decisions to end production of certain gas-powered vehicles and weakening demand for EVs. 

“Instead of meddling in the auto market,” said Klingensmith, “Casey should trust Pennsylvanians to make their own decisions on what to drive, and instead concentrate on cutting inflationary government spending, embracing an all-of-the-above approach to domestic energy production, and securing the border.

“Bidenomics has left Americans struggling to afford some of the costliest regulatory mandates and highest energy prices in decades. Now, instead of acting to improve energy security or lower costs, the Biden Administration is taking new steps to punish Americans with higher prices and fewer choices.”