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AFP-FL Celebrates Free-Market Successes in 2018 Florida Legislative Victories

Mar 9, 2018 by AFP

Florida is becoming a more open and free society through common sense reforms

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) state director Chris Hudson released the following statement as the 2018 legislative session comes to an end. This session included significant free-market advancements in healthcare policy, expanding fiscal responsibility, labor reforms, education policy, and transparent data collection to promote sound policy making.

“Free-market policies shined in 2018. We commend Florida lawmakers for continuing to hold the line on corporate welfare and for allowing voters an opportunity to impose a supermajority vote in each chamber’s actions towards any new future taxes or fees – a welcome opportunity to ensure fiscal restraint, transparency and fiscal responsibility.

“As Floridians continue to suffer under the restrictions of Obamacare, the passage of Direct Primary Care will expand access to quality care by removing third parties from the doctor-patient relationship. This will ensure Floridians receive the care they need from the providers of their choice.

“And the passage of HB7055 makes Florida the third state in the country to embrace common sense labor reforms and further expands our state’s reputation as a leader in education choice. Ensuring that teachers have a greater say in who represents them is a paramount right that all workers deserve; and our kids deserve every chance possible to achieve their educational goals.

“We commend Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran and Senate President Joe Negron for delivering common sense solutions to issues that continue to make the Sunshine State the best place to live, work and raise a family. We hope that Governor Scott acts quickly to make these key policies law and we will work diligently to communicate across the state for citizens to contact their elected officials as we begin our annual accountability efforts.”

Here is a quick recap of some of legislative victories AFP-FL’s activists and volunteers advocated for this legislative session:

  • Language from HB 909 and SB 1234 affected freedom of speech on college campuses was passed in the higher education package, SB 4. This policy ends bureaucratic micromanagement of speech on campus, allows students to enforce their right to free speech.
  • Language based on HB 1 and SB 1172 was incorporated into the House’s education package, HB 7055, and created the Hope Scholarship which extends additional options for bullied students.
  • Language based on HB 25 and SB 1036 was incorporated into HB 7055, the House education package, which ensures that teachers’ union must recertify if it cannot prove 50% of its members are paying dues.
  • SB 80 passed unanimously in Senate to enact Direct Primary Care. The bill frees primary care physicians to know that bureaucrats won’t suddenly impose insurance regulations on a business model that has nothing to do with insurance.
  • No new corporate welfare was added. Enterprise Florida did not get new incentive money and Visit Florida’s budget is not set to increase.
  • SB 1392 passed, which includes the most robust and transparent data collection in order to promote and guide common sense criminal justice policy.
  • New Film Program in Florida was prevented. HB 341/SB 1606, = would have made taxpayers fund a bank for films projects.
  • Lawmakers passed a resolution to let voters impose a supermajority vote in each legislative chamber on any future new taxes or fees.


The votes taken on these and other bill outlined by AFP-FL in their weekly Florida Billboard will be reflected in lawmakers’ scores in the annual Economic Freedom Scorecard.