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AFP: Congress Should Build on Debt Deal, Fix Underlying Spending Problems

May 29, 2023 by AFP

ARLINGTON, VA—Today, Americans for Prosperity’s Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner responded to the announcement that Speaker McCarthy and President Biden have agreed on a plan to reduce federal spending and raise the debt ceiling:

“Though imperfect, the agreement reached this weekend would prevent default today while enacting modest reforms to reduce the risk of default in the years to come and we encourage Members to support the bill.

“This agreement is an important step in the right direction, but it only begins to address what is needed to fix our nation’s underlying spending problems. We urge the House and Senate to take a hard look at the federal government’s spending habits and build on this agreement to return our country to a sustainable fiscal path.”

This month, AFP and coalition partners sent a letter to President Biden urging him to work with Congress to address our nation’s unsustainable debt trajectory. AFP has launched a six-figure ad campaign calling on Congress to stop the reckless spending causing each recurring debt crisis. To learn more about policies to address the spending challenges our country is facing, see AFP’s Agenda to End Budget Brinkmanship.