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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-AZ Joins National Campaign to “Unrig the Economy”

Jun 13, 2019 by AFP

PHOENIX, AZ—Americans for Prosperity-Arizona (AFP-AZ) today joins a national comprehensive, integrated campaign to create a strong economy by leveling the playing field for all. Called “Unrig the Economy,” this multi-year, multi-million-dollar effort will harness the power of AFP’s grassroots activists, in-house capabilities, community organizations, and partners to drive change at both the state and federal level.

The initial phase launching today will kick off with a robust direct mail and digital effort to stop the Export-Import Bank’s reauthorization targeting both Arizona Senators and members of the Senate Banking Committee, Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema.

View Sample Mail Piece Here. 

AFP-AZ State Director Stephen Shadegg issued the following statement:

“Today we urge Senators McSally and Sinema to fight for a level playing field for all Arizonans. Our activists are dedicated to eliminating the practice of government favoritism that currently plagues Washington in the form of the exclusive Export-Import Bank. AFP’s goal is to unrig our economy for all Arizonans to prosper and to do so we need both of our Senators, of both parties, to bridge these divides.”


According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, 62% of Americans said they thought the U.S. economic system mainly benefits those in power versus only 34% who said it mainly benefits all people. Belief that the economy is rigged is a longtime, widespread perception.

Americans for Prosperity’s national arm announced the effort today: “Unrig the Economy” Campaign Aims to End Government Favoritism.