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Opioid Tax Bill Raises Patients’ Health Care Costs

Apr 1, 2019 by AFP

ST. PAUL, MN – Americans for Prosperity-Minnesota (AFP-MN) today expressed disappointment following the Senate passage of HF400 a bill that further burdens patients already struggling with unaffordable health care costs with additional licensing fees.

View AFP-MN’s letter to lawmakers urging them to support HF400 here.

“Punishing sick people by increasing the costs of medication prescribed to them by their doctors is not an effective way to confront the opioid epidemic,” said Jason Flohrs, AFP-MN State Director. “Our organization believes the opioid crisis requires thoughtful, compassionate, long-term attention, and will work with anyone to find a solution. However, a fee increase that specifically targets sick people and raises the cost of their treatment is not a thoughtful or compassionate plan.”


AFP-MN has been at the forefront of opposing additional fees on Minnesota patients who are already facing high health care costs.

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