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ICYMI: AFP-TX’s Genevieve Collins on Newsmax Discussing Texas Border Crisis

Jun 14, 2024 by AFP

DALLAS, TX – In case you missed it, Americans for Prosperity – Texas (AFP-TX) State Director Genevieve Collins went on Newsmax’s “Newsline” program on Thursday with former U.S. Rep Trent Franks (R-AZ) to discuss the worsening crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border and President Biden’s new policy for migrants seeking asylum.

The new policy, which places limits on the number of people granted asylum after certain thresholds, shows that “this administration lacks any regard for the rule of law and any respect for American citizens,” Collins told host Bianca de la Garza. “When you enforce our laws, everyone benefits.”

Collins said that Texas is taking the brunt of Biden’s open border policies and praised Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to transport illegal immigrants to other, non-border states so that they’re forced to confront the issue.

Watch the full clip HERE

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