Win of the Week

Jan 20, 2018 by AFP

Your weekly round-up of the major wins making headlines thanks to AFP’s grassroots activists across the country (January 14-20)

The Big W: Local Right to Work ordinance passed in New Mexico

What it is: Americans for Prosperity-New Mexico (AFP-NM) and its grassroots activists have consistently supported Right to Work laws that expand workplace freedom by freeing employees from being forced to join a union and pay part of their hard-earned paycheck to the organization. On Friday, in Sandoval County, their efforts paid off in a big way when the County Commission passed a local Right to Work ordinance.  

Why it’s important: Across the country, states and local governments are embracing Right to Work laws that make union dues voluntary. AFP’s grassroots activists have played a crucial role in advancing worker freedom in states like Kentucky, Wisconsin, Mississippi, West Virginia and more! The passage of the Sandoval Country Right to Work ordinance is a big win for the worker freedom movement. 

The grassroots impact: In September, AFP-NM launched a grassroots campaign to educate New Mexicans on the benefits of Right to Work. The “New Jobs New Mexico” campaign featured AFP’s hallmark grassroots organizing, a robust digital effort, and a long-term commitment to winning in the fight for worker freedom. 

Prosperity produced: More freedom, more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans and more jobs are just some of the proven benefits of Right to Work. As AFP-NM State Director Burly Cain put it: The commission’s vote allows hard-working New Mexicans to keep more of their paycheck and better compete in the workforce. Employees should be able to choose whether to join a union – that choice should not be made for them by the government.” 

But the #winning doesn’t stop there…

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