The Personal Option was discussed on an episode of the Ruthless Podcast that focused on Americans' opinions on health care options such as the Personal Option and public options like Medicare for All

Personal Option in health care highlighted by “Ruthless” Podcast

Aug 19, 2022 by AFP

 Pollsters Glen Bolger and Jarrett Lewis from Public Opinion Strategies discuss polling they’ve conducted for Americans for Prosperity showing strong support for a Personal Option in health care. 

On August 18, the Ruthless Podcast invited pollsters Glen Bolger and Jarrett Lewis from Public Opinion Strategies  to discuss what Americans want Congress to do about health care.

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Bolger and Lewis told Ruthless co-host Josh Holmes that a majority of Americans they’ve surveyed favor a Personal Option in health care over proposals such as “Medicare for All” or a “public option” — plans that would give the government more control over peoples’ health care.

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“We’ve done polling for AFP on what they call the personal option plan and measured up against ‘Medicare for All’ and the ‘public option,’ voters respond very well to it,” said Bolger.

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“This notion of the personal option and more choice and control connects extremely well with Americans who feel that they can take back more control of their own health care and decision-making around it,” added Lewis.

“People in this country feel like the healthcare system needs improvement, but … they’re not saying we want more government control [or] we want a single payer system. They’re just saying, ‘hey, keep what works and let’s fix what’s broken,’” Lewis continued.

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