Customers pull into a local Shell station in IL to take advantage of lower gas prices courtesy of Americans for Prosperity activists. Activists lowered the cost of gas in Peoria and Springfield to show customers how Washington's failed energy policies were driving up the cost of gas.

How Americans for Prosperity activists lowered the cost of gas in the Land of Lincoln

May 31, 2022 by AFP

True Cost of Washington Tour logo that reads, "Pay More, Get Less" - a reference to Washington's failed policies that are driving inflation, gas prices, and the high cost of living in 2022.

Summer is in swing, which means more travel and … high gas prices! In fact, over Memorial Day weekend, the average U.S. price hit a record high of $4.60 per gallon.

On May 25, Americans for Prosperity-Illinois helped ease the pain for consumers in Peoria, Illinois by paying the difference between what gas prices were on that day and what they were in January 2021 when President Joe Biden took office.

Word spread quickly until lines stretched for blocks. AFP and station owners even got assistance from local authorities to direct traffic.

Americans want answers about high prices. A poll recently conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for AFP found most individuals surveyed agreed that government policies and regulations have caused price increases.

Congressman Darin LaHood agreed, and said Washington could help.

We’ve got to open up that oil production, there’s a way to do that and get back to energy independence,” Congressman LaHood told 25 News. “This is the number one issue when I come back to Peoria: gas and groceries, which are directly affected by the high cost of fuel.”

The day after the Peoria event, AFP arrived in Springfield to provide much-needed relief to consumers there by offering gas at $2.38 per gallon.

AFP was joined by Congressman Rodney Davis who talked to the local media and customers about the need for the Biden administration to expedite permits for energy exploration and to approve infrastructure projects such as the Keystone Pipeline.

Congressman Davis said enacting these policies would help families find relief and get prices back to where they were before President Biden took office.

The sign showing $2.38 generated lot of skepticism at first. Residents were astonished. For many, however, the surprise quickly turned to emotion because they would not have to choose between gas and groceries or other products their family needs.

As KPVI-6 News reported, together the Illinois events brought relief to hundreds of consumers.

Washington’s reckless spending and excessive regulations have Illinoisans paying more for everyday goods.

Inflation in Illinois is topping nearly 11 percent, a $594 per month cost per household. Gas prices are at nearly $5 per gallon.

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