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Health Care Reimagined seeks to remove the barriers between care and those who need it. Here’s what the press is saying about it.

Apr 27, 2020 by AFP

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans for Prosperity has announced the launch of its Health Care Reimagined campaign, an effort designed to identify regulatory impediments to the delivery of medical care and suggest vital reforms that will empower medical professionals to save more lives.

Most Americans agree with this approach, believing that patients would be best served by a health care system in which doctors and nurses are better able to provide high-quality care to patients who need it.

The Hill covered AFP’s new campaign in a recent article.

AFP is seeking to increase access to telehealth by removing occupational licensing restrictions doctors currently face. The group will advocate to make permanent recent changes at the Food and Drug Administration that allow for more rapid testing, treatment and prevention of disease.

In addition, AFP will urge lawmakers to make it easier for patients to receive experimental and early phase treatments that have proven to be safe. And they’re promoting a Base Realignment and Closure-style commission to analyze restrictions within the health system they believe have hampered the response to the coronavirus.

The advertising and lobbying campaign will focus on the positive aspects of the proposed reforms, rather than drawing attention to faults in the current system.

National Review Online took note of the popularity of Americans for Prosperity’s proposed ideas, citing a study AFP conducted with YouGov.

There may be the public sentiment to rally behind the effort, and to achieve something dramatic: In a survey AFP conducted last week of 1,000 citizens (results here) concerning the handling of the coronavirus outbreak:

  • A majority (58 percent) either “strongly” or “somewhat” agree with the claim that “health care rules and regulations previously prevented doctors, nurses, and medical professionals from helping people?”

  • 83 percent (including 47 percent “strongly”) contend “America’s health care professionals should have more flexibility to provide health care as they and their patients see fit.”

  • 77 percent (including 46 percent “strongly”) favor “relaxing health care regulations to give more flexibility to doctors, nurses, and researchers who are fighting coronavirus.”

Learn more about the Health Care Reimagined campaign and what we’re doing to improve the state of care for all Americans, now and in the future.