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Reimagining Health Care to Save Lives

Lifting Barriers to Better Care

COVID-19 exposed a tragic reality: America’s health care system is preventing doctors, nurses, and medical researchers from helping people.

In response to this crisis, state and federal barriers to health care were lifted to give people better access to care. Telemedicine restrictions were waived, and more medical professionals were granted the ability to provide care. The result: American lives were saved.

These recent events have shown we can completely reimagine our approach to health care. We can choose a path that empowers people.

When presented with information about emergency measures, 83 percent of Americans said they want health care professionals to have more flexibility in providing care as they and their patients see fit.

Now is the time to remove the barriers standing in the way of a better health care system for all of us.

Driving Solutions

By supporting critical reforms to our system, we will receive the care we need, when we need it.

Many of these reforms are happening in states across the nation, meaning lives have already been saved. But there’s more we can do to equip doctors and nurses to help our friends, family and communities.

Will you stand with us to reform America’s health care system for the better? Sign up today and get involved.

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