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Reimagining Health Care to Save Lives

Lifting Barriers to Better Care

COVID-19 exposed a tragic reality: America’s healthcare system – your healthcare system – is undermined by too much bureaucracy and red tape that prevents doctors, nurses, and medical researchers from helping people.

We all saw that from the start. Faulty tests. Too few beds and ventilators. Delays in supplying protective gear. Not enough doctors and nurses in hardest hit areas. Each of these problems was the result of some misguided policy that until now went mostly unnoticed.

In response to the crisis, state and federal authorities removed many of the bureaucratic barriers that stood in the way of doctors, nurses, and researchers doing their jobs.

The result? American lives were saved.

The success of these reforms shows the good we can achieve when we completely reimagine our approach to healthcare and put our trust in doctors, nurses, researchers, and patients. It’s an approach that finds the American people on common ground. Recent polling found that 83 percent of Americans said they want health professionals to have more flexibility in providing care as they and their patients see fit.

Driving Solutions

All of the positive changes outline above are only temporary. It’s up to state and federal lawmakers to make them permanent.

We are working in the U.S. Congress and state capitols across the country to persuade lawmakers to make these positive changes permanent and to go even further by giving you and the doctors and nurses you trust more control. After all, it’s your health care.

One thing we do know – doubling-down on the bureaucratic approach that caused many of these problems to begin with won’t fix things. Whether you call it a public option, Medicare-for-All, or something else, a government-run system would take control of your health care away from you, making many of our biggest problems even worse.

Now is the time to remove the barriers standing in the way of an improved healthcare system for all of us, and we invite you to join us in making that happen!

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