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AFP-OK: A More Just Criminal Justice System

Apr 25, 2019 by AFP

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma (AFP-OK) today released a statement expressing enthusiasm for a series of criminal justice reform bills that will serve as legislative milestones by removing barriers to opportunity and making Oklahoma’s criminal justice system more just. The following bills were passed today: SB 252 (focused on bail reform), HB 1269 (retroactively applying sentencing reforms), HB 2218 (reforming payments of court fines and fees), and HB 2273 (parole reform).  The aforementioned bills now either go to a conference committee or back to their chamber of origin for further consideration.

AFP-OK State Director John Tidwell issued the following statement:

“The passage of these criminal justice bills is a major step forward in improving Oklahoma’s criminal justice system. These reforms will have a positive impact on Oklahoman taxpayers and families for generations to come.”

For further information or an interview, reach Nicole Tardif at or (571) 329-0161.