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AFP-Alaska Encourages Sen. Murkowski to Support Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Aug 10, 2018 by AFP

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Americans for Prosperity-Alaska (AK) released a statement Friday encouraging Sen. Murkowski to support Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation in light of the announcement the hearing dates are set for Sept. 4-7.

“We’re thrilled to see Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process move forward with scheduled hearings,” said AFP-AK State Director Jeremy Price. “Sen. Murkowski has a great opportunity to confirm a more than qualified candidate to the Nation’s highest court and add a jurist who has a proven track record of defending the Constitution.”

“Sen. Murkowski has a great record of supporting restrained judges who won’t legislate from the bench and Judge Kavanaugh fits that mold. We trust that after her due diligence, Senator Murkowski will do the right thing for Alaska and support Judge Kavanaugh,” concluded Price.