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Politifact Bias Distorts Facts on Northern Wisconsin Mine

October 22, 2014

Do you think high-paying jobs for Wisconsin are a good thing? Well, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel doesn’t. Wisconsin’s largest paper is so desperate to downplay the benefits of iron mining that they are attacking folks like you who support Americans for Prosperity and our effort to educate folks on Governor Walker’s pro-growth policies. Their lack […]

Mary Burke’s Right to Work/ Tax Cut Plan?

October 09, 2014

“In scrambling to gain traction and legitimacy, Mary Burke is making the conservative case for moving Wisconsin forward. Is it just a lapse in her liberal judgment, or did she merely copy the ads from someone else…”   Read our column on Right Wisconsin here. Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

Wisconsin’s workforce participation ranks among highest in the country

October 08, 2014

“The number of people in Wisconsin 16 years or older who are working or actively looking for work was 9th best in the country in 2013 at 68.6 percent. While Wisconsin’s labor force participation rate remained unchanged from the previous year, the 68.6 percent figure is still a 15 year low.”   Read the MacIver […]

Memo: All Should Pay for Their Fair Share of the Electric Grid

September 15, 2014

To: Interested Parties From: David Fladeboe, State Director, Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin Date: September 15, 2014 Re: All Should Pay for Their Fair Share of the Electric Grid There has been a good deal of discussion recently about electricity rates, particularly as it relates to renewable energy projects. As an organization dedicated to promoting […]