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Gov. Perry to Headline AFP "Defending the American Dream" Summit

July 01, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 30, 2014 CONTACT: Chris Neefus at (703) 517-4504 or CNeefus@afphq.org        Gov. Perry to Headline AFP “Defending the American Dream” Summit Group’s signature event to take place in Dallas, August 29-30.  DALLAS — Americans for Prosperity announced today that Texas Governor Rick Perry will headline the group’s signature annual event, the Defending the American Dream [...]

Most Texans Support School Choice

June 26, 2014

A new poll out found that most Texans support school choice – https://www.texastribune.org/plus/edu/vol-1/no-7/poll-reveals-wide-support-education-reform/ Like this post? Chip in $5 to AFP.

Texas Continues to be a Job-Creation Machine

June 24, 2014

Texas has added 383,100 jobs in the past 12 month.  The Texas Workforce Commission has announced that Texas job growth is largest in nearly 17 years. Texas can attribute much of the growth to an environment friendly to job-creation — Texas has no state income tax and policymakers strive to enact policies which will not hamper innovation [...]

Attorney General Abbott: Texas Schools Can't Use Common Core

June 17, 2014

Sen. Dan Patrick asked Atty Gen Greg Abbott a simple question: can Texas schools legally use Common Core?    The answer was equally simple: NO. AG Abbott issued a ruling today which stated that while ISD’s are required to provide instruction in essential knowledge and skills at appropriate grade levels they may not use Common [...]

AFP-Texas: Hasten Sunset Review Process for ESCs

June 10, 2014

CSCOPE audit shows more scrutiny is needed, says policy director Venable.  AUSTIN – Americans for Prosperity-Texas is calling on the 84th Legislature to move the sunset review process for the Regional Education Service Centers (ESC’s) to 2017.  ESC’s were subject to the sunset review process in 2015 but the 83rd legislature moved the schedule back to 2019. [...]

AFP's Hasson on EPA Regulations for Power Plants

June 02, 2014

AUSTIN — The Texas chapter of Americans for Prosperity is coming out in opposition to new proposed EPA regulations that would seek to force emissions down 30 percent by 2030. Texas State Director Mike Hasson had the following to say: “The Obama administration’s regulatory adventurism should not come at the expense of our economy. More [...]

Political Cronyism Threatens Reputation of UT: More Revelations and Political Posturing

May 22, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry this week publicly expressed his support for embattled University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall.  Hall has been subject of much media attention in the state.  He should be known for his willingness to tackle his job on the Board of Regents having governance over the University.  In his statement, Gov. Perry said: ”Wallace [...]

Bond elections wrap-up

May 15, 2014

Registered voters went to the polls in Texas for the May 10 election.  On the ballot were 81 bond initiatives totaling $6.7 billion.  Voters approved 69 initiatives totaling $5.99 Billion, most of them for Independent school districts.  The largest was Cypress-Fairbanks ISD’s $1.2 billion initiative.  More bond debt is set to be on the November ballot. [...]

Government accountability took a hit this week

May 15, 2014

This week, Texas took a tremendous step back in our march toward shedding light on government and demanding accountability.   A Select Committee on Transparency in state Agency Operations is a committee appointed by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.  Transparency did not appear to be their goal.  The Committee voted 7-1 to move to impeach [...]

Open Letter to the Texas Legislature

May 12, 2014

Open Letter to the Texas Legislature: The Action taken today by the House Transparency in State Agencies Operations Select Committee is both disappointing and problematic. Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial titled, “Political Revenge in Texas,” outlines a troubling scenario in which the University of Texas has pressured lawmakers to impeach one of its own Regents, Wallace [...]