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Supreme Court Takes Big Labor's Hand's out of Worker's Pockets

July 23, 2014

By Justin Sykes In a move that is consistent with growing American sentiment in recent years, SCOTUS handed down a partial blow to Big Labor today that will prevent heavy handed union leaders from forcibly mandating “partial public employees” pay union dues regardless of whether the employee wants to. The issue before the court in Harris [...]

AFP-Tennessee Launches New Campaign on Justices, A.G.

July 22, 2014

Group will educate Tennesseans on judges’ liberal records through radio, direct mail. NASHVILLE — The Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the state’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, is launching a major new effort to educate the public on the liberal records of the Tennessee Attorney General and three Tennessee Supreme Court justices. The campaign [...]

Subsidizing the Cartels: The Export-Import Bank and the Mexican Drug War

July 01, 2014

By Mallory Carr Criminal organizations have made Mexico an extremely dangerous place. The drug cartels have brought violence and disorder to the country, leading the US Department of State to warn potential travelers about the high risk involved. However, despite the damage the cartels have inflicted on the country and the tens of thousands of [...]

Common Core Support Plummets

June 30, 2014

Parents with school-aged children, conservatives, and moderate republicans are among the growing opposition to Common Core. The reasons are all over the board but, the overall concern is the federal overtake of our education system. Fewer education decisions being made at the state and local level paired with a greater emphasis on standardized testing is [...]

AFP-TN Releases Federal Legislative Scorecard

June 30, 2014

Members of the public, media can see how Tenn. lawmakers voted on economic freedom. NASHVILLE— The AFP-TN Congressional scorecard is now available online, the grassroots group announced today. Representatives John Duncan Jr. and Scott DesJarlais scored the highest overall during the current session with an ‘A’ average. AFP- TN state director Andrew Ogles stated: “Congressmen Duncan and DesJarlais [...]

AFP Announces Senate Champions for Prosperity

June 25, 2014

These Tennessee senators consistently fought for economic freedom this legislative session. NASHVILLE — AFP-TN has completed its legislative scorecard and will release the final scores within the week. The scores are based on votes taken, survey response, and sponsorship of free-market legislation. The legislators scoring the highest overall were selected as our Champions for Prosperity. AFP- [...]

AFP-TN Launches Common Core Ad Campaign

June 20, 2014

Group is leading the way on education freedom with major new radio effort.  NASHVILLE— AFP-TN has launched a radio campaign leading the fight against Common Core in Tennessee. The initial run of radio ads will air in Knoxville and Nashville on six radio stations. The new AFP TN radio spots point out that stopping Common [...]

AFP Announces House Champions for Prosperity

June 12, 2014

Free-market group honors legislators who ace legislative scorecard.   NASHVILLE — AFP-Tennessee is preparing to release its legislative scorecard for state lawmakers in Nashville. The scores are based on votes taken and sponsorship of a variety of free-market legislation the group prioritized. The legislators scoring the highest marks overall were named the organization’s Champions of Prosperity today. [...]

Obama’s EPA Rules Another Expensive Burden for Struggling Families, Businesses

June 09, 2014

By Kuper Jones The seemingly never ending cycle of financially burdensome regulations imposed on working families and small businesses by President Obama’s administration continued with the rollout of a sweeping 645-page EPA rule that will destroy jobs and contribute to higher electricity bills. The EPA rule seeks to remake America’s power and energy framework by [...]

Obamacare Data Wrong for 2 Million Applicants, Sham Foreign Company Hired for Fix

June 09, 2014

By Akash Chougule In what should come as a surprise to no one, yet another problem arose this week with President Obama’s infamous health care law. The Associated Press reports that of the 5.4 million people who signed up for health insurance through the federal marketplace, 2 million submitted information that does not match up [...]