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These 20 Republicans Stood with Hillary Clinton

September 29, 2015

  Recently, on the most important vote of the year, these twenty Republicans chose to stand with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Big Labor union bosses instead of with workers, families, and the free market: Linda Black, Kathie Conway, Kevin Corlew, Kevin Engler, Sue Entlicher, Paul Fitzwater, Elaine Gannon, Ron Hicks, Galen Higdon, Dave Hinson, […]

Sign the Petition to Bring Right to Work to Missouri

September 08, 2015

Are you sick of your neighbors leaving the state for better opportunity in a neighboring state? Do you think workers here in Missouri deserve the right to choose if they want to join a union? Do you think employees deserve the right to say they don’t want their union dues going to political causes they […]

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October 14, 2015

JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Americans for Prosperity Missouri announced which legislators stand with the group’s core mission of promoting economic freedom and prosperity. This year, not only were the legislators measured on their votes during the 2015 legislative session, they were also awarded lifetime scores with the group. In 2015 only one State Senator and nineteen […]

AFP Launches Major Multimedia Effort Following Right-to-Work Vote

October 01, 2015

Group is thanking those who took tough stand, highlighting those who stuck with special interests. JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri chapter of Americans for Prosperity has launched a wall-to-wall multimedia effort following the legislature’s failure to override Governor Jay Nixon’s right-to-work veto. The group said it was spending about $100,000 on direct mail, television ads, […]

AFP Missouri: “Right-to-Work will happen in the Show Me State”

September 16, 2015

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Today Gov. Nixon stood between Missourians and freedom as the Missouri State Legislature failed to override his veto of HB116, right-to-work legislation. In May, the Legislature voted to pass this worker freedom law, but Governor Nixon vetoed the legislation while profiting from special interests. Americans for Prosperity Missouri has conducted an […]


September 14, 2015

JEFFERSON CITY — According to recent statewide polling data, Missourians are overwhelmingly in favor of standing up against Governor Jay Nixon’s executive overreach by overriding his veto of job-creating Right to Work legislation. By a 47-39 margin, Missourians are more likely to re-elect a legislator who votes to override Governor Nixon’s job-killing veto on September 16th. […]

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