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Senate should join House by passing zero-base budget bill

May 21, 2015

By Drew Klein Sioux City Journal Iowa has a spending problem. There’s no silver bullet solution, but implementing zero-base budgeting would go a long way toward reversing the trend of automatic spending increases, which ultimately lead to government waste, inefficiency and higher taxes. Iowa’s spending increases every year with little scrutiny. The debate is framed […]

Tell your Legislator You Deserve a Flat-Tax Option

March 19, 2015

Iowans deserve a simpler and fairer tax code. AFP supports a 4.5% flat-tax option for all taxpayers. Under this system not a single Iowan will pay higher taxes. According to the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency, nearly 39 percent of taxpayers would choose a flat tax, saving them close to $400 million.   If you agree, […]

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Remember the $750 pill? It’s now 99 cents

November 13, 2015

By Drew Klein, State Director This op-ed originally appeared in The Des Moines Register on November 13, 2015 The high cost of prescription drugs has been a frequent topic of conversation recently, with a bombastic case of price gouging making the rounds online. It centered on Daraprim, treatment for a parasitic infection frequently afflicting those with weakened […]

AFP Thanks Reps. Young, Blum, King for Opposing Export-Import Bank

July 06, 2015

Group engaged in yearlong effort to let the bank expire.  DES MOINES — The Iowa chapter of Americans for Prosperity is thanking US Representatives David Young, Rob Blum and Steve King for taking a stand against the Export-Import Bank. The national organization engaged in a yearlong effort with grassroots events, phone calls, paid media and direct […]

AFP-Iowa: ObamaCare Costs, Chaos Still Hurting Iowans

June 25, 2015

Group plans to continue pressing for patient-centered reforms. DES MOINES — Americans for Prosperity-Iowa released the following statement on the heels of the Supreme Court’s holding in King v. Burwell: “Just like yesterday, Iowans have to face the chaos and uncertainty of government-run healthcare; and just like yesterday and the past five years, our volunteers are […]

AFP-Iowa: Gas Tax Hike Just “Kicks Can Down the Road”

February 25, 2015

Group’s director says the bill is short-sighted and hurts lower- income Iowans.  DES MOINES — Americans for Prosperity-Iowa reacted with disappointment as the House voted to pass a gas tax increase. AFP-Iowa State Director Drew Klein had the following to say: “We’re disappointed that Iowa legislators used extreme tactics to shut down debate and circumvent the committee […]

AFP Launches Major Effort to Stop a Gas Tax Hike

February 03, 2015

Group says a long-term solution is needed to to make roads a priority. DES MOINES — Americans for Prosperity-Iowa announced today the launch of a major effort to stop a new gas tax hike in Iowa. The organization’s 45,000-strong grassroots force is engaging on this issue by contacting their lawmakers and encouraging them to avoid […]

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