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Stars in Their Eyes: State and Local Lawmakers Need to Get a Grip

January 17, 2015

“I can tell you they are excited about the possibility of filming their Florida scenes here.  However, the reality is they can film in North Carolina, Louisiana, and other locations for less money because of incentives and out-of-town crew issues.  The bottom line is they would like to film here, but not without financial incentives […]

Insight to Action: How Do You Talk to Your Friends About the Negative Impact of ObamaCare?

October 01, 2014

We all know the Affordable Care Act was a failed attempt at reforming the healthcare system.  Now we must properly message the dangers of the healthcare overhaul to our friends, family, and local community. Join us on Thursday, October 9th, as Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Opinion Editor at Forbes, explains […]

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AFP: Governor’s Tax Cut Plan Good, Tacit Medicaid Expansion Bad

January 29, 2015

Adding hundreds of thousands of able-bodied adults to taxpayer-funded healthcare isn’t conservative TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity’s (AFP) Florida chapter praised Governor Rick Scott for his budget proposal to cut taxes and expand school choice, but did not give him a pass for his tacit support of Medicaid expansion. AFP noted that, given his fiscally […]

Film Incentives: A box-office flop coming soon to a legislator near you

January 27, 2015

Americans for Prosperity mobilizing Florida taxpayers to oppose boondoggle TALLAHASSEE – Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP) launched a massive new effort to oppose the film and sports center incentives proposed by some state legislators. AFP has led prior efforts to end special tax incentives and other forms of corporate welfare and plans to make this […]

AFP Applauds Governor Scott for Proposal to Expand Parental Choice

January 26, 2015

More funding for Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts and Charter Schools will give parents more options TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity thanked Governor Scott for his proposals to devote more funding to the state’s Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts and charter schools. These programs have already improved educational options for thousands of Florida parents, helping them place […]

AFP: Florida’s Economy is Flourishing Despite Obama’s Policies

January 20, 2015

State of the Union speech announces more status quo while Florida charts a better course TALLAHASSEE – While President Obama’s State of the Union address emphasized many of the same policies he has pursued throughout his two terms, Americans for Prosperity pointed out that Florida’s economy is growing by lowering taxes and axing unnecessary regulations. “President […]

AFP to Pinellas County: Say No to Hollywood Handouts

January 13, 2015

Reminds county commissioners that incentives aren’t effective and Bay Area residents don’t want them St. Petersburg, Fla. – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading grassroots advocate against cronyism and special interest handouts, urged the Pinellas and Hillsborough county commissioners to oppose giving tax incentives to Hollywood. Research cited by AFP shows that the statewide film incentive program has a low […]

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