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Take Action Now to Stop the Gas Tax Hike

March 18, 2015

Just when we thought we had some relief at the gas pump, some lawmakers on Capitol Hill have begun to call for an increase in the nation’s gas tax. This is a misguided proposal that will hurt the economy and make life more difficult for millions of Americans who have benefited significantly from the sharp drop in prices. Click […]

Tell Your Lawmakers to Let the Export-Import Bank Expire

February 12, 2015

The Export-Import Bank interferes with the economy by providing billions of dollars in loans to politically-connected companies overseas in places like Russia and China–with your hard-earned tax dollars! The future of the Export-Import Bank — and whether or not part of your paycheck is going to prop up companies overseas — sits with Congress. Your […]

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KQED launching ‘Pricecheck’ to make healthcare costs more transparent

June 30, 2014

Say you’re shopping for a new computer or a new car, and you want to get the best price. Within a matter of minutes on Google, you would have a pretty good idea of the price range for the product you want. But when it comes to healthcare this luxury or free-market principle doesn’t exist. […]

Judge vows to send Orange County official to prison

June 30, 2014

A public works director used his position to rake in millions while he drove an Orange County city close to bankruptcy. The transportation chief oversaw a $650-million plan rail project as Placentia’s public works director while simultaneously earning a lucrative salary as a consultant on the rail project, Becker’s original consulting contract guaranteed him $4.5 […]

AFP TV Ad Holds Rep. Peters Accountable for ObamaCare Position

October 25, 2013

Group will continue to let “activists voice their frustration on the ground and on the airwaves,” says director Spady. SAN DIEGO — Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest advocate for health care freedom, announced the launch of a new television ad in California’s 52nd district holding Rep. Scott Peters accountable for his support of […]

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