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Win of the Week – No Tax Increases in Louisiana!

Jun 8, 2018 by AFP

The Big W: No tax increases for Louisiana!

What it is: This week, a second Louisiana special legislative session has ended with no tax increases. The governor is trying to fill gaps in the budget by increasing taxes, but legislators and citizens are having none of it.

Why it’s important: Louisianans will be paying a lower sales tax rate, which for the past two years has ranked as one of the highest in the country. Citizens and lawmakers are sending a clear message that another legislative session that wastes taxpayer money isn’t welcome.

The grassroots impact: Americans for Prosperity – Louisiana is continuing to shed light on state legislators who aren’t acting responsibly with taxpayer dollars through its Taker’s Dozen campaign. Activists in the state have told lawmakers it’s time to stop taking money from their pockets for wasteful spending.

Prosperity produced: Louisianans get to keep more of the money they earn thanks to lawmakers holding the line against tax increases. They’ve let the governor know it’s time for the government to live within its means, make spending cuts when it’s over budget and stop burdening the people by spending irresponsibly.

Runner up: Less regulation in New Jersey

The New Jersey General Assembly passed legislation that will help hair braiders get to work without burdensome licensing requirements. This bill is win for those who want to enter the field but can’t afford the training and licensing. New Jersey’s economy will also benefit from more hair braiders in the work force.

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