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A commitment to reigniting the American Dream | Mar 17, 2023

America was built on the idea that anything is possible… read more

In Nevada, uniting behind principles is proving the way to change politics | Mar 9, 2023

Watch as Americans for Prosperity-Nevada’s grassroots engagement director, Wiz Rouzard,… read more

Senator Rick Scott outlines America’s path to prosperity in the new year | Dec 19, 2022

Spiraling government spending must end. American energy independence must be… read more

How Representative Kat Cammack is putting power back in the hands of the people | Dec 13, 2022

As a freshman legislator, Representative Kat Cammack of Florida has… read more

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Why incremental adjustments are a better approach to automatic budget enforcement | Mar 23, 2023

Congress needs a new approach to automatic budget enforcement to… read more

How the U.S. government sabotaged a program to streamline legal immigration | Mar 22, 2023

American principles of liberty and self-governance have long rewarded those… read more

Biden’s Veto: An Insult to Every Hardworking American | Mar 21, 2023

ARLINGTON, VA—Americans for Prosperity’s Vice President of Government Affairs Akash… read more

Americans For Prosperity Foundation Sues DHS Over Secretary Mayorkas’ Private Email Use During Disinformation Governance Board Launch | Mar 20, 2023

ARLINGTON, VA—Americans For Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) filed suit to enforce… read more


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