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Shutdown Should Be The Last Thing On Congress’ Agenda

Sep 26, 2023 by AFP

ARLINGTON, VA—Today, Americans for Prosperity’s Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner made the following statement as Congress rapidly approaches its September 30 government funding deadline:

“If lawmakers want to address the national debt, secure our border, and hold Joe Biden accountable, a government shutdown should be the last thing on their agenda. Threatening a shutdown as leverage never leads to better policy. Instead, members are forced to swallow a host of bad backroom bills that no one reads, more reckless spending ensues, and Americans lose.


“This year’s national deficit is double what it was last year. Our nation’s debt rating has been downgraded, and the far-left policies of Bidenomics are crushing Americans. This is no time for empty political posturing. We urge Congress to fund the government and provide an alternative policy vision to the one that’s failing so many Americans today.”

AFP has repeatedly urged the 118th Congress to find a responsible path forward to address the fiscal challenges our country is facing. For more on how Congress can stop budgeting by crisis and start budgeting for the future, read AFP’s Agenda to End Budget Brinkmanship outlining practical policy solutions for Congress avoid a shutdown, fix the drivers of the debt, and have a serious conversation about how to build the future Americans deserve. 


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