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Right-to-Work Policies are Working for Wisconsin

Dec 12, 2017 by AFP

In 2015, Wisconsin became America’s 25th right-to-work state.

In the years that have followed, Wisconsin’s economy has surged.

New employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Wisconsin first in the Midwest and second nationally for 12-month manufacturing job gains.

Just this week, another manufacturing company, Badger Meter, announced plans to relocate to Wisconsin and move 30 to 35 jobs from Scottsdale, Ariz. to Racine County.

In the Racine Journal Times, Badger Meter praised Wisconsin’s favorable economic climate, skilled workforce and “classic Midwestern work ethic.”

But the biggest reason for Badger Meter’s decision to move to Wisconsin?

The company cited Wisconsin’s adoption of right-to-work policies as a reason for relocating to Wisconsin.

Scott Meeusen, Chairman and CEO of Badger Meter said, “We probably would not have brought those jobs to Wisconsin if it was not a right-to-work state.”

It’s clear: pro-growth economic reforms like right-to-work are working for Wisconsin.

As the Badger State economy continues to grow, Wisconsin’s reforms will continue to serve as an excellent model for other states to follow as they look towards the future.

Read the full article from the Racine Journal Times here.