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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Restricting Flexible Work Opportunities Is A Bad Idea Coming At The Worst Possible Time

Oct 11, 2022 by AFP

Arlington, VA – In response to the Department of Labor’s proposed rule significantly restricting the ability for people to work as independent contractors, AFP Vice President of Government Affairs Akash Chougule issued the following statement:

“This rule is yet another attempt ahead of the midterm elections to benefit the administration’s political allies at the expense of everyday Americans. As families struggle to make ends meet thanks to President Biden’s reckless spending and the economy is still facing supply chain issues, now is the worst time to attack flexible work opportunities. Federal data has shown that the vast majority of independent contractors prefer their current arrangement over traditional employment – but the administration is putting special interests over the interests of American workers.

“Congress must protect independent contract status and other important rights of workers by passing the Employee Rights Act. Pro-worker labor and employment policy means looking out for the best interests of actual workers, not the self-interested politicians and special interests who claim to speak for them.”

Click here to learn more about how the Employee Rights Act, introduced by U.S. Senator Tim Scott and U.S. Rep. Rick Allen, would expand employee rights, protect flexibility, and improve representation in the workplace.