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New Study Reveals How Overregulation Drags Down Economy and Puts Affordable Energy Out of Reach

Sep 8, 2023 by AFP

Arlington, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) released a new study profiling the harmful impact of overregulation on more than 30 stalled energy infrastructure projects across the country. These projects remain in limbo despite energy costs near all-time highs and projections that indicate demand will steadily increase over the next decade.

The analysis, conducted with the energy data and analytics firm ARBO, reveals how regulatory hurdles, permitting delays, lawsuits and other government barriers are costing states tens of thousands of jobs, forfeiting billions of dollars in economic growth, and keeping reliable and affordable energy out of reach for millions of households across the country.

AFP Regulatory Policy Fellow Marc Marie said:

“Runaway permitting regulations are holding up countless energy projects that would make life more affordable for American families. President Biden’s crusade against affordable energy has only made the problem worse. Oil and gas prices are on the rise, home energy prices are through the roof, and Americans are paying more for less. This study reveals project after project bogged down in permitting delays that would lower Americans’ energy bills if it were built. Americans are counting on Congress to end the top-down policies that are stifling production and make real reforms to unleash our country’s energy resources.”

Read the study of obstructed energy projects in Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, and watch AFP’s video from this coal and natural gas producing town in Pennsylvania that has been decimated by overregulation from Washington.

AFP promotes a bottom-up approach to energy as a key driver of economic opportunity and prosperity, and we are calling on the 118th Congress to prioritize meaningful reforms that lower Americans’ energy costs and remove barriers to stronger local supply chains. Learn more about AFP’s support for Senate passage of the bipartisan H.R. 1, The Lower Energy Costs Act, here.