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Molly Kelly Flip-Flops on Tax Increases

Oct 12, 2018 by AFP

Grassroots group commends Molly Kelly for abandoning harmful tax proposal

CONCORD, N.H. – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today commended Molly Kelly for abandoning much of her tax plan to increases taxes on small businesses. Kelly previously called for repealing business tax relief. At the time of her swearing in, this move would result in a 25% increase to the business enterprise tax (BET) and an increase of 9.4% to the business profits tax (BPT).

“Tax relief has spurred our economy and Granite Staters are reaping the benefits with more people working than ever before and tax revenue at record-highs. Thankfully, Molly Kelly realized her plan to raise taxes would undermine all the economic growth we’ve seen and would have been devastating to small businesses across the state,” said AFP-NH State Director, Greg Moore. “Our activists have been making their voices heard loud and clear on the harms Molly Kelly’s original proposal would have had on our state. Her 180 on the business enterprise tax cut is a welcome change, but we will continue to urge voters to let Molly Kelly know that increasing taxes is a nonstarter.”


AFP-NH | AFP-NH Launches Grassroots and Digital Campaign Against Tax Increase Proposal

AFP-NH has been the state’s leading grassroots advocate for business tax relief. Starting in 2014, AFP-NH’s sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, issued a study that raised the issue of New Hampshire’s high business taxes. In 2015, the chapter led efforts to override Governor Hassan’s veto of tax cuts.

Businesses tax cuts have led to more jobs and resulted in the state receiving record-high revenues.

Read Greg Moore’s op-ed here on tax relief leading to job growth for the Granite State.