Lea County on Verge of Becoming 5th County to Pass Right-to-Work Ordinance

Jun 8, 2018 by AFP

Grassroots group applauds Lea County Commission unanimous approval to vote right-to-work ordinance into law next month

SANTA FE, N.M. – Americans for Prosperity-New Mexico (AFP-NM), the state’s leading grassroots advocate for worker freedom, on Friday commended the Lea County Commission for unanimously supporting an ordinance to make Lea County the fifth right-to-work county in New Mexico. The commission is moving forward with the ordinance and will vote the ordinance into law on July 26th.

“We are seeing more and more communities across our state embrace worker freedom as they work to foster more economic activity for New Mexicans. The unanimous vote by the commission overwhelmingly demonstrates that Lea County will no longer tolerate coercing employees to join and pay a union as a condition of their employment,” said Burly Cain, AFP-NM State Director. “We applaud the commissioners for setting Lea County on a new path for growth and bringing relief for workers. AFP New Mexico thanks our in-state activists for their hard work and making their voice heard.”

AFP-NM has been at the forefront of the push for right-to-work policies in the state, having launched in 2017 the “New Jobs New Mexico” campaign, a multilayered grassroots campaign to educate citizens about the impact of right-to-work.

Last September, AFP-NM launched the “New Jobs New Mexico” campaign – a robust grassroots, direct mail, and digital effort to educate citizens about the impact of right-to-work. AFP-NM first rallied in Sandoval County in August 2017, which passed Right-To-Work on January 19th, 2018. AFP-NM then mobilized in Otero County, which passed right-to-work on April 12. Lincoln County followed on May 15.

The group is committed to engaging across the state, county by county, to make New Mexico the next right-to-work success story.

AFP-NM State Director Burly Cain and Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing recently hosted a Facebook Live to discuss right-to-work in New Mexico. Watch it here.


“Americans for Prosperity announced its reentry into New Mexico politics about a year ago… the non-profit has been busy with its rapid fire attempt to pass right-to-work legislation, county by county.  Or, as the late U.S. Army Gen. Creighton Abrams reportedly suggested one eats an elephant—one bite at a time.” (“New right-to-work tactic: One piece at time,” NM Political Report, 4/25/18)