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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Latest CBO Score Reveals True Cost of “Build Back Better”

Dec 14, 2021 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity Senior Fellow in Fiscal Policy Kurt Couchman issued the following statement on the latest Congressional Budget Office score of the “Build Back Better” plan, which estimates that the legislation will add $3 trillion to the federal debt if its programs become permanent and additional interest on the national debt is counted:

“Claims that this multi-trillion dollar government expansion would be ‘free’ should have been the first red flag that its promoters weren’t being honest. This latest analysis from Congress’ own independent scorekeeper helps expose just how disingenuous and deceptive some members of Congress and the administration have been throughout this entire process.

“On the one hand, the White House insists that Build Back Better’s programs would be temporary to keep the official price tag down. On the other hand, they wink to extreme elements of their base that this new federal overreach would last forever.

“This legislation would add trillions to the debt, increase everyday costs for families, further worsen inflation, which is already at the highest level in nearly 40 years, and prevent people from finding better ways to serve each other. This dangerous legislation was disguised from the very beginning because the American people know a bad deal when they see it, so the administration and its congressional allies tried to pass it before its tricks were laid bare.”