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Lawmakers must refocus on infrastructure, not their partisan projects

Oct 29, 2021 by AFP

Lawmakers should focus on projects related to infrastructure, writes Erica Jedynak, Senior Advisor for Americans for Prosperity, in an op-ed for Insider NJ, rather than their partisan pet projects.

Congress’ so-called infrastructure package — once projected to cost $3.5 trillion, as Jedynak notes, but now slimmed down to around $1.75 trillion — seems “only vaguely related to infrastructure.”

She argues lawmakers should reject this spending plan, which would hurt New Jersey’s health care industry.

This [proposal] would be devastating for New Jersey’s pharmaceutical industry, a huge employer in our state. Twelve of the world’s 20 largest research-based biopharmaceutical companies are headquartered, or have a large presence, in the Garden State. So do the 11 of the 20 largest medical technology companies. We are also in the top two states for the most facilities manufacturing FDA-approved products.

Jedynak urges Representatives Tom Malinowski and Andy Kim, who hold assignments on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Subcommittee on Contracting and Infrastructure, to speak out against the measure.

“They are well-positioned to refocus Congress’ attention on real infrastructure creation and maintenance,” she concludes. “A partisan spending spree is not what we need right now, but some responsible leadership would go a long way.”

In a new op-ed, Erica Jedynak argues lawmakers must refocus on infrastructure, not their partisan pet projects

Read the full op-ed here.