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In a Mailbox Near You: Americans for Prosperity Doubles Down on Campaign to End Washington Waste

Jun 10, 2021 by AFP

Grassroots Group Applies Added Pressure to Rep. Murphy, Urging Her to Reject “Infrastructure” Proposal

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) today announced its continued effort to encourage Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-7) to “End Washington Waste” and reject the Biden Administration’s “infrastructure” proposal with a robust and targeted direct-mail push. This comes as the latest layer of AFP’s national campaign, called “End Washington Waste Stop the Spending Spree,” which is connecting Americans across the country to the harms of Washington’s currently debated “infrastructure” proposal while offering positive policy alternatives to solve our nation’s greatest challenges.

The grassroots organization is bringing to bear the full weight of its dedicated grassroots activists across the country, on top of its robust and layered paid media efforts.

AFP-FL State Director Skylar Zander released the following statement:

“The Biden administration’s $4 trillion proposal is a giveaway to special interests, paid for by historic tax hikes on small businesses. Calling this an infrastructure plan is a hard sell when less than 5% of the $4 trillion goes toward roads and bridges. Congresswoman Murphy needs to hear from constituents that it’s time to end the reckless Washington spending spree.”