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ICYMI: Unleash opportunity for Hoosier students by expanding education savings accounts

Apr 21, 2023 by AFP

The Journal Gazette published an op-ed by Cody White, director of grassroots operations for Americans for Prosperity-Indiana, on why a one-size-fits-all education system is wrong for Hoosier students and their families. Read the entire article here.

Below are excerpts from the piece:

As the director of grassroots operations at Americans for Prosperity-Indiana, I spend a lot of time on the road, traveling to small towns across the state to engage with grassroots activists and discuss policies that can positively affect individuals and families. One of our primary focus areas is education freedom.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Alison, the principal of Covenant Christian School, and Melanie, a teacher at the school, when speaking at a coffee shop in Mishawaka. They are both passionate about finding innovative approaches to education that can revolutionize the way students learn in Indiana. They believe in bottom-up solutions that prioritize the students’ needs and interests and are continuously seeking ways to improve and innovate education in their community.

The parents of students at the school are so pleased with the outcome of their children’s education that they have volunteered for Americans for Prosperity-Indiana, working to expand education freedom to all Hoosiers by contacting their legislators, calling their neighbors and knocking on doors to push the General Assembly to pass universal education savings accounts (ESAs).

According to a recent poll conducted by WPA Intelligence and released by the yes. every kid. foundation, ESAs are widely popular among Indiana voters. It is encouraging to note that a majority of Indiana voters support ESAs by a significant margin of 4 to 1 (55% to 13%)… This is a clear indication that there is a growing demand for education reform in the state.

We encourage everyone to join us in advocating for education freedom and expanding ESAs across Indiana. Together, we can create a better future for our children and the communities we call home.

Read the entire article here.