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ICYMI: Americans for Prosperity – South Carolina Provides Legislative Update with FITSNews

Mar 13, 2024 by AFP

COLUMBIA, SC – Last week, Americans for Prosperity – South Carolina (AFP-SC) State Director Candace Carroll sat down with Will Folks from FITSNews for a wide-ranging discussion on education reform, medical marijuana, judicial reform, and more. During the interview, Candace discussed AFP-SC’s support for legislation currently being considered this legislative session.

WATCH: Candace Carroll Discusses AFP-SC Priorities with Will Folks

Carroll highlights AFP-SC’s support for H 5164 and expanding the Education Savings Account program:

“We have some really good schools in South Carolina, but as you mentioned, we’re not always getting the return on that investment. So what this bill does is it really opens up the opportunity for what we call Education Scholarship Accounts to where the money, as you mentioned Will, that is going into this greater pot and then divided out by students that parents could have access to that – it’s already their money anyway, it’s taxpayer dollars, it doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to the taxpayers – and parents could then use that to send their kid to the educational environment that’s the best opportunity for them.” 

Carroll highlights AFP-SC’s support for medical marijuana to give patients more choices:

“If we’re talking about health care, and giving patients access to health care, to me, this falls under that same bucket of letting patients have the ability to talk with their physician about what is the best course of action for them when it comes to treatment.”

Carroll highlights the need for judicial reform in the Palmetto State:

“What we would like to see is a more federal-like type system. Obviously not asking the House to give up their ability to confirm these judges, but having the opportunity for there to be a gubernatorial appointment when it comes to…at least a nomination of who the governor would like to see in some of these seats, which is what we see at the federal level.

“The other piece that is really interesting is right now in South Carolina there is a cap of three judges when you’re talking about the Judicial Merit Selection Commission. Let’s say there’s nine applicants who apply to be the judge for a circuit court, the JMSC right now only passes through three names to the general assembly. So what happens to the other six, right? Were they qualified, were they not? If they were all qualified, we would prefer a system that passes through all of those who are qualified.”

Click HERE for the full interview with Candace Carroll and Will Folks.