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ICYMI: Americans for Prosperity – Alaska Publishes New Op-ed Rebuking Imposter Group, Urges End To Deceptive Games

Mar 29, 2024 by AFP

ANCHORAGE, AK – Americans for Prosperity – Alaska (AFP-AK) State Director Bethany Marcum has a new op-ed featured in Must Read Alaska and The Alaska Watchman highlighting AFP-AK’s mission and goals, as well calling out an imposter group that has been playing deceptive games.

Marcum urges the group, Alaskans for Posterity, to stop attempting to mislead Alaskans and highlights how AFP-AK will continue to drive accountability in The Last Frontier.

Excerpts from the op-ed can be found below:

As the Alaska legislative session is in full swing, we at Americans for Prosperity-Alaska continue to mobilize our local grassroots volunteers to fight for freedom and opportunity in The Last Frontier. All the while, an imposter organization within the state is trying to mislead Alaskans about who we are and what we do.

Recently, an imposter group, Alaskans for Posterity, has been promoting digital, mail, and radio ads. While that group shares a similar sounding name, we have very different priorities.

We want to be unequivocally clear: Americans for Prosperity – Alaska, and Alaskans for Posterity are completely separate organizations with vastly different values and goals. Unfortunately, since its creation in 2021, Alaskans for Posterity appears to have intentionally misled Alaskans by exploiting the longstanding Americans for Prosperity brand for partisan purposes. 

Funding and incorporation papers for Alaskans for Posterity are connected to the Ship Creek Group, a well-known Alaska-based Democratic political campaign and advocacy firm. We have observed a consistent pattern of shady tactics; when AFP-AK takes a stance on a key issue before the legislature, Alaskans for Posterity will then vocally come out in direct opposition using the AFP acronym. This is nothing more than an attempt to sow confusion on critical issues facing Alaskans. We call on Alaskans for Posterity to immediately stop these deceptive games. 

AFP-AK will continue to drive accountability by informing the public about those elected officials who stifle efforts to create more opportunity in Alaska. Lastly, our separate but aligned political action committee works very hard to elect new legislators who prioritize freedom, and protect those whose votes demonstrate the same.

Read the full op-ed posted in Must Read Alaska and The Alaska Watchman.