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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

House passes pair of Personal Option solutions expanding access to affordable health care

Jun 22, 2023 by AFP

Arlington, Va. — In a significant step toward empowering individuals with more control over their healthcare, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3799. The legislation codifies workplace CHOICE plans and authorizes MEWAs (multiple employer health plans) to promote insurance portability and enhance health insurance affordability.

CHOICE plans, established in 2019 through a rule enacted by the previous administration, have proven effective in fostering insurance portability, allowing employees at participating firms to retain their coverage when transitioning between jobs or life circumstances. By codifying this option, the House ensures its permanence and continuity, offering peace of mind to countless American workers.

MEWAs, a form of association health plans, create opportunities for small businesses to pool resources and negotiate better insurance rates, resulting in more accessible and affordable coverage options for employees. This legislative action reaffirms the commitment of the House to address the rising costs of healthcare and provide practical solutions for Americans.

“We applaud lawmakers in the House for showing leadership by passing impactful health care solutions that will benefit all Americans,” said Dean Clancy, Senior Health Policy Fellow at Americans for Prosperity. “By codifying CHOICE plans and authorizing MEWAs, House lawmakers are empowering Americans with the ability to navigate a complex healthcare system while ensuring greater access and affordability. H.R. 3799 will increase access to personalized, affordable healthcare, and drive us toward a future in which healthcare centers around patients.”

“For years, LIBRE has been urging lawmakers to enact legislation that will expand insurance portability while enhancing affordability,” said Jose Mallea, CEO of The LIBRE Initiative. “Both are critical to the Latino community and workforce. We commend the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the Choice Act – a critical piece of legislation enhancing portability, affordability and increased customization. We look forward to educating the Latino community about the Choice Act and the policy champions in the U.S. House leading this effort for all Americans.”

Furthermore, in a display of bipartisan unity, the House approved an amendment introduced by Representative Chip Roy stating Congress’s belief that the future of healthcare lies in freedom, not government-controlled medicine. It emphasizes the importance of promoting competition among providers to lower costs and give people direct access to care. Furthermore, the amendment emphasizes the vital role of patients and their doctors in making medical decisions, free from undue influence by bureaucrats, be they from the public or private sectors.

H.R. 3799 advances the Personal Option, a doctor-supported plan that makes health care more affordable, dependable, transparent, and hassle-free. It’s a personalized approach to health care that funds patients – not insurance companies – and puts people in control.

AFP and Libre applaud House lawmakers for stepping up to drive solutions in healthcare. We encourage the Senate to act swiftly on this bill and other critical healthcare reforms.

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