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Congress Can Stop Budgeting By Crisis

Oct 2, 2023 by AFP

ARLINGTON, VA — Americans for Prosperity’s Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner made the following statement after Congress passed a continuing resolution to fund the government for 45 days: 

“Congress’ choice to fund the government is better than a shutdown, but it only distracts from the real debt problems facing our country and ensures that Americans will have to re-live this crisis all over again in six weeks. There is a better way. Congress can return to the way it used to budget and maintain current spending until new spending bills are enacted. 


“This near miss crisis shows how the constant threat of shutdowns prevents lawmakers from tackling our country’s most pressing challenges, from stopping Biden’s border crisis to ending the policies of Bidenomics that are crushing Americans. Congress can stop budgeting by crisis and start budgeting for the future Americans deserve. It’s time to stop shutdowns for good.”

AFP has repeatedly urged the 118th Congress to find a responsible path forward to address the fiscal challenges our country is facing. For more on how Congress can change the way it budgets, read AFP’s Agenda to End Budget Brinkmanship and urge your lawmaker to pass the bipartisan Prevent Government Shutdowns Act.