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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

“Commitment to America” Agenda Offers Positive Alternative to Washington’s Big-Government, Big-Spending Approach

Sep 22, 2022 by AFP

Arlington, VA – In response to the release of the “Commitment to America” agenda, AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner issued the following statement applauding Leader Kevin McCarthy for setting out a clear policy vision that includes new ideas to help address some of our country’s most critical challenges:

“The best way to defeat a bad idea is by offering a better one. This agenda offers Americans a positive alternative to the big-government, big-spending approach that Washington has embraced for too long. In a season of hyper-partisanship, we applaud Leader McCarthy for putting forth policy ideas that give Americans something to be for, not just something to stand against.

“After a summer of near record gas prices, surging costs for food and groceries, and mounting concerns over electricity and heating costs, it’s clear that what Washington has been doing isn’t working. This plan outlines a new approach that cuts the reckless spending that’s been fueling higher costs, removes barriers to help businesses flourish and innovate, and embraces an energy abundance agenda that will bolster both our economic and national security.

“Additionally, we’re encouraged by positive steps in health care and public safety. As we begin to emerge from a global pandemic made worse by top-down mandates and government bureaucracy, this plan offers personalized solutions for our health care system. And with the reality of our nation’s increase in violent crime, we are encouraged to see that this plan begins to offer changes aimed at making our communities safer.

“While this agenda advances many shared priorities, we continue to urge policymakers to go further and take bold steps to fix our legal immigration system, as well as refocus the criminal justice system to improve public safety. We look forward to working together with anyone to advance these goals and provide much needed relief. It’s clear that Washington needs to change course – what Leader McCarthy offered today would represent a strong step in the right direction.”