Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Cancer Moonshot is Noble Goal, but President Biden Taking Wrong Approach

Sep 12, 2022 by AFP

While proposing billions in new government spending to tackle cancer, the president is taking conflicting actions that will make cutting cancer deaths more difficult 

Arlington, Va. — Today, Americans for Prosperity issued a statement ahead of a speech President Biden will deliver to discuss his cancer moonshot agenda. 

Dean Clancy, senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity, had the following to say:

“The president’s cancer moonshot is a noble goal, but his top-down approach stifles the very innovation needed to achieve this goal. The partisan spending bill that the president recently signed includes price controls that would cut cancer research by $18 billion per year. Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s effort to block Illumina and Grail from merging threatens to prevent potentially game changing cancer screening technology from reaching millions of patients. The solution to reducing cancer isn’t price controls and bureaucratic meddling with Americans’ access to healthcare — it’s removing red tape to empower groundbreaking innovation.”

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