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Bold Policies in 2019 Anchor Promising 2020

Sep 12, 2019 by AFP

AFP-FL launches direct mail thanking Florida’s top 50 lawmakers

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL), the state’s leading grassroots advocacy organization, released its 2019 Legislative Scorecard and launched a direct-mail campaign in districts where members scored an A+. The group tracked over 150 of the most impactful bills from the 2019 legislative session, including policies to expand transparency on how local governments spend taxpayer dollars, create the Family Empowerment Scholarship, take bold steps towards criminal justice reform, and repeal parts of Florida’s certificate of need laws to help expand access to health care.

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“Florida is improving access to health care, expanding opportunities in education, and paving the way for the Sunshine State to have an even brighter path into the future,” said AFP-FL state director Skylar Zander. “We applaud the 50 legislators that earned an A+. 2020 will provide an opportunity for our activists to continue to fight for policies that ensure every Floridian has the best chance to fulfill their potential.”

AFP-FL uses one of the most rigorous scoring processes available. They factor in committee and floor votes, and each vote carries the same weight regardless of the issue. Certain legislators are awarded the title “Champion of Economic Freedom”. This designation is the gold standard for legislators who have acted in the best interests of their constituents by pursuing policies that advance economic freedom during this year’s legislative session. In order to receive this designation, legislators must score an A+ on the 2019 Economic Freedom Scorecard.

You can view the 2019 Economic Freedom scorecard and take an in-depth look at the legislation used to score legislators by visiting