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Americans for Prosperity Responds to Day One of Nebraska Legislature

Jan 3, 2018 by AFP

Lincoln, NE – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) – Nebraska comments on the first day of session for the 2018 Nebraska Unicameral Legislature and took policy positions on several bills introduced.

“Growing calls for tax relief, spending restraint, and policies that create economic opportunity should weigh heavily on lawmakers as they enter the 2018 legislative session. This is an opportunity for the Legislature and Gov. Ricketts to work together to make Nebraska more economically competitive and improve the lives of thousands of our neighbors,” said AFP Regional Director Brad Stevens.

AFP-Nebraska policy position on bills introduced during Day One:

Regulatory and Licensure Reform

AFP supports the following bills that will reduce the state’s regulatory burden.

  • LB 701, introduced by Sen. Kolterman, expands telehealth services, a reform needed to expand health services in rural Nebraska and to drive down costs.
  • LB 703, introduced by Sen. Kolterman, allows physicians of opposing athletic teams to treat all players.  This common-sense reform will positively impact smaller schools.
  • LB 705, introduced by Sen. Kolterman, expands small business opportunities for individuals in the beauty and cosmetology industries.
  • LB 747, introduced by Sen. Thibodeau, creates new small business opportunities and will create jobs by allowing for Bottle Clubs in Nebraska.

Opposing Higher Taxes

“AFP-Nebraska opposes LB 728, a bill that raises income taxes in a state with one of the highest state and local tax burdens in the nation.  We should be discussing tax relief, not raising the tax burden and that is why we will oppose Sen. Wayne’s ill-conceived tax scheme,” said Brad Stevens.

The organization also opposes LB 730, Introduced by Sen. Wayne, that would create a new tax on ammunition. “Politicians are always looking for new ways to tax its citizens, this new tax on ammunition is bad policy and will be rejected by the Legislature.”

Increased Spending

“AFP opposes Sen. Krist’s attempts to re-litigate decisions of the Legislature in 2017 to control spending. LB 677 is an attempt by a flagging politician to find a platform for his own self-benefit. Nothing will come of this transparent stunt by Sen. Krist,” said Stevens.

AFP will oppose LB 769, introduced by Sen. Quick, to bring Nebraska back into the Midwest Passenger Rail Compact. “The Legislature removed Nebraska from the compact to save taxpayer dollars in 2015,” said Stevens. “It was a wise decision then, it is a wise decision now.”