Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin on Biden’s Visit to the Badger State

Jan 25, 2024 by AFP

Sending surrogate after surrogate to hone in on his lies doesn’t change a thing, Wisconsinites are still worse off under ‘Bidenomics’

Madison, WI – Today, President Biden visits Superior, to tout his failing economic agenda. His visit comes only days after Vice President Kamala Harris’ Monday visit to the Badger State, following Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su’s visit to Wauwatosa last week. Secretary Yellen’s Milwaukee visit is scheduled for tomorrow, bringing another desperate attempt to win approval of Biden’s failing economy.

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin State Director Megan Novak released the following statement: 

“Once again, Biden and his lackluster administration find themselves attempting to tout their failing economic agenda in the badger state. Every surrogate sent is nothing more than a desperate attempt to win over Wisconsinites, but Biden’s broken economy speaks for itself: ‘Bidenomics’ is bankrupting America.

“While more Washington politicians parade around Wisconsin telling lie after lie, nothing has changed for Wisconsinites. The national debt has surpassed $34 trillion with no end in sight, while the savings in our bank accounts are going down. ‘BIDENomics’ is ‘BALDWINomics,’ and Wisconsinites know both are BAD economics.”