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Americans for Prosperity-Virginia Announces State Legislative Endorsements

May 20, 2021 by AFP

RICHMOND, Va. – Americans for Prosperity-Virginia (AFP-VA) today announced its support for 11 House of Delegates candidates running for election and re-election. These individuals earned the support of AFP-VA for their demonstrated legislative leadership, dedication to principled policy solutions, and ability to build broad-based policy coalitions.

AFP-VA is supporting these candidates through a variety of tactics, including leveraging the full weight of its grassroots activists.

AFP-VA State Director JC Hernandez issued the following statement:

“We’re proud to support leaders who are committed to tackling the greatest challenges Virginians face and driving lasting reforms to improve the Commonwealth. If elected and re-elected, these candidates will fight for our economic recovery, better access to quality, affordable health care, and educational opportunity for our students to build toward a successful future. Our activists are excited to hit the ground running in support of these candidates—and will work hard to encourage voters in these key districts to support these principled legislators.”

Del. Amanda Batten (HD-96): As a member of the Education Committee, Del. Amanda Batten knows that educational opportunity ensures more students have the foundation for a bright future. Del. Batten also consistently supports legislation that will help our economy recover stronger, help small businesses thrive, and ensure Virginians can provide for their families.

Mike Cherry (HD-66): As an educator, candidate Mike Cherry knows how important educational foundation is to building a bright, successful future. If elected, Cherry will be a strong advocate for educational opportunity for Virginia’s students and their families. He will also fight to lower taxes and rein in spending so Virginia families can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.

Del. Carrie Coyner (HD-62): Del. Carrie Coyner is a proven leader on multiple issues including economic opportunity and increasing access to affordable health care. If re-elected, we know Virginians will be able to count on Del. Coyner to support reforms that make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Tara Durant (HD-28): As a first-time candidate, Tara Durant has already shown her dedication to championing meaningful reforms to solve the greatest challenges Virginians face. As an educator and a parent, Durant understands the importance of educational opportunity and the need for every student to build a strong foundation for a bright future. She has also shown her commitment to supporting policies that ensure small businesses can recover stronger and pushing for greater access to quality, affordable health care that meets the needs of Virginia’s families.

Del. Nick Freitas (HD-30): Del. Nick Freitas has a strong record of leadership in supporting principled priorities in several different spheres of public policy. In supporting fiscally responsible spending and cutting waste, fighting for greater access to quality, affordable health care with a focus on rural access, we know if Del. Freitas is re-elected that he will continue to lead the charge to improve the lives of all Virginians.

Mary Margaret Kastelberg (HD-73): Mary Margaret Kastelberg is a strong proponent of educational opportunity and reforming health care, so Virginians have greater access to the care they need, when they need it most, at a price they can afford. If elected, Kastelberg will also fight to lower taxes, rein in wasteful spending,. and make it easier for our economy to recover stronger than before.

Harold Pyon (HD-40): A first-time candidate and embodiment of the American dream, Harold Pyon will bring ample experience and principled leadership to economic opportunity reforms. If elected, Pyon will also fight for Virginia families to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and make it easier for small businesses to succeed.

Del. Roxann Robinson (HD-27): As a medical professional and experienced legislator with a long record of principled policy solutions, Del. Roxann Robinson will continue to support greater access to better quality health care that Virginia families can afford and meets their needs. If re-elected, Del. Robinson will also continue her support for Virginia’s students and ensure the foundation to a bright future.

Phillip Scott (HD-88): If elected, candidate Philip Scott will champion our economic recovery and put Virginia on a path to see more economic opportunity. In supporting hardworking families keeping more of their hard-earned paychecks and ensuring greater access to quality, affordable health care, we know if candidate Scott is elected to the House of Delegates, he will lead principled policy forward.

Otto Wachsmann (HD-75): As a pharmacist and assistant college professor, Otto Wachsmann knows the importance of both better health care and educational opportunity. If elected, candidate Wachsmann will fight for the future of Southside. From improving quality, access, and affordability of health care to making it easier for our economy to recovery and small businesses to succeed, we are encouraged by the leadership he will bring to Richmond.

Del. Michael Webert (HD-18): As a member of the Commerce and Labor Committee, Del. Michael Webert has long championed reforms to provide economic opportunity for all Virginians. Through cutting burdensome red tape that stands in the way of small businesses succeeding or Virginians providing for their families, Del. Webert has shown his commitment to principled reforms. Del. Webert is also a strong advocate for educational opportunity and for Virginia’s students and their families. We know if he’s re-elected, we can expect to see Del. Webert lead the charge for more principled policy solutions.

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